Kaba Storeroom Door Pack MS2 Mortice Electric Strike Hinges Round Plate

Cylinder Mortice Lock Kit provides more security on exterior doors that have windows. (e.g. When intruders attempt to break into a building through a window, the key lock on the inside of the door will stop them from entering)

Cylinder Mortice Lock Kit Function - where the deadbolt locks by a key on both the exterior and interior of the lock. Latch is operated on the interior and exterior by a knob or lever.


  • 1 x Kaba MS2 Mortice Lock (MS2SCP)
  • 1 x Kaba 100 Series Plate Furniture w/ Cylinder Hole & 25 Lever (101C-25SCP)
  • 1 x Kaba 100 Series Plate Furniture w/ 25 Lever (102V-25SCP)
  • 1 x Kaba 570 Cylinder X Cam (V570XSC)
  • 3 x Kaba 100x75x2.5mm Fixed Pin Stainless Steel Door Hinge (KH100/75FPSSS)
  • 1 x Kaba Electric Strike (KES200Z)

Kaba mortice locks are constructed from heavy duty materials including stainless steel case, face plate, strike and latchbolts. The MS2 primary mortice lock is available with a full range of functions including privacy, passage, vestibule, escape, anti-lockout, etc. Typical applications include commercial, health, institutional and defense projects.

The Kaba 100 series square end solid forged brass door furniture is designed for use with contemporary Australian style mortice locks and latches.

MS2 Features:

  • Heavy duty construction with Stainless Steel case, face plate, strike and latchbolt
  • Deadlatching and kick-off is standard on all functions
  • SCEC approval for Intruder Resistance
  • Exceeds Australian Lock Standards S3 for Security and D3 for Durability
  • Fire rated as per Australian Standard AS1905 Part 1 -1997, Fire Resistant Doorsets - 2 hour
  • Most functions are non-handed or field changeable/reversible
  • Supplied complete with all fixings suit door thickness from 32mm-50mm
  • Fabricator kit available to suit aluminium doors
  • Universal strike plate as standard with extended strikes also available
  • Accepts standard Australian oval cylinders
  • Rebate kit available to suit standard 13mm rebate-part #MA840
  • Compatible with most electric strikes
  • Standard 60mm backset
  • Standard door mortice of 120mm x 87mm x 20mm as for other Australian mortice locks
  • Accepts tie bolt rose furniture 38-41mm fixing centres
  • Accepts 7.6mm or 8mm furniture spindle
  • Satin Chrome finish

100 Series Plate Furniture Features:

  • Stainless Steel drive plate, an integrated precision ground 12mm bush that provides enhanced handle support plus a lever torsion spring to eliminate handle sag.
  • Plates are 12mm thick and are designed to fit back to back with concealed fixing to outside plate and visible fixing to inside plate. Tiebolt M5 fixing screws have a cross-recessed head.
  • Plates and knobs are non-handed with levers reversible on site in most cases.
  • Plate door furniture suits door thickness from 32mm minimum to 50mm maximum. Thicker doors require extended spindles, turn bars and longer tiebolt fixing screws.


  • PDF
  • Brand: Kaba
  • Plate Size: 165 x 44 mm
  • Plate Type: Round End
  • Fire Rated: Yes
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Satin Chrome

A stylish lock set solution to secure your storeroom

Door strikes are an essential part of any door system, and we have a great selection of lock sets to choose from at our store. Door strikes are used to keep the door closed, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. We have Mortice electric door strikes, which are perfect for doors that need to be opened and closed automatically. We also have manual door strikes, which are ideal for doors that don't need to be opened and closed automatically. We also carry a variety of electric hinges for doors, which are perfect for doors that need to be opened and closed automatically. And we have a great Kaba selection of Mortice electric door release kits, which are perfect for storeoom doors that need to be opened and closed automatically.

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