Brio Cavity Run CR60+ Sliding Door Track System for 60Kg Top Hung Panel

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Product Description: Brio Cavity Run CR60+ sliding door track system is suitable for 60 kg top-hung panels. This door track system comes with a top track, hangers, guide, spanner, and timber screws. Its smooth sliding motion allows for easy and effortless use. And, This Brio Cavity Run CR60+ sliding door track system does not come with doors. The overall configuration makes it perfect for interior cavity doors.

Brio Cavity Run Sliding Door System for 60KG Top Hung Panels

PLEASE NOTE: Track system only (we don't sell doors)

Single Run 60 is a top hung, aluminum track system for residential and light commercial, interior sliding panels. It is suitable for doors weighing 60kg in either a single panel application, two panels bi-parting or multiple panels stacked in parallel. Two, quick release plate options allow for either standard straight sliding applications with side feed or a cavity door application with end feed access. The clip-on hanger plates allow easy installation and adjustment while Brio's new pelmet quickly dresses the hardware making it an ideal choice for room dividers and pocket door sliders. Single Run 60 sets are supplied with clip stops which can be upgraded to Brio's 60kg soft close accessory. Cavity Run 60 is not supplied with clip stops but can be used with Brio's soft close.

For Additional Accessories Please See Listing Single Run 60 Accessories

  • Suitable for interior cavity door applications in residential and
    commercial environments.
  • Hangers come standard with a steel bracket and four nylon tyred wheels
    with precision bearings.
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  • Brand: Brio
  • Track System: Cavity Run 60
  • Max Panel Weight: 60kg
  • Max Panel Height: 2400mm
  • Min Panel Thickness: 19mm
  • Panel Width: 610mm to 915mm and 915mm to 1525mm
  • Track Length: 2000mm and 3000mm

Each Set Includes:

  • Top Track
  • Hangers
  • Guide
  • Spanner
  • Timber Screws

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