Find a range of useful product and finish care information below to keep your Iver products looking their best.

What is Iver hardware made of?

All Iver products are made from high-quality, solid forged brass.


Will my products rust?

No, Iver products will not rust. Brass is an alloy made up of copper, zinc, and other elements. As it does not contain iron, it does not rust. While brass does not rust, it will over time (depending on the finish) begin to patina and develop unique depths of colour. Please refer to the Finishes page to discover Iver’s full range of finishes and their durability.


What are Iver's unique finishes?

Iver’s range includes unique, hand crafted finishes, which may vary from product-to-product due to the artisanal processes involved in creating them. The patina of these finishes will change with use over the life of the product, thereby adding character to the item. Other plated and powder coated finishes should maintain their original appearance.


Can there be variances across finishes?

Iver utilises various methods to create a range of distinct finishes. Some of these finishes are processed individually by hand, creating something truly unique and special. While Iver’s platers strive to provide consistency, variations are to be expected due to the complexity of the hand-aging process involved in producing these unique finishes.


How do I look after my Iver hardware?

Regular cleaning with a soft damp cloth will help maintain the integrity of the finish; the product should be dried with a soft dry cloth immediately after cleaning. To maintain the appearance of lacquered products, the protective coating needs to remain intact, to do so keep the product dry and do not let your product come into contact with paint thinners or masking tape, as these may compromise the finish. Never use solvents, scourers or abrasive cleaning products on Iver hardware.


How accurate are the sizes in the catalogue and on website?

Iver strives to provide you with correct and consistent products and product information. Our manufacturing techniques produce a highly-accurate product.


Are Iver handles fire rated?

Yes, All Iver door furniture has been tested on Firecore doors and is rated for 2 hours.


Are any Iver products load rated?

At this stage, no Iver products are load rated.