Catalogue Centre

Catalogue and Brochure downloads. Whitco Documents are provided for download in Adobe PDF format.

General Door Hardware

CYL4 Patio Bolt, Flush Bolts, Safety Latch and Timber Door Hinges.

Hinged Security Door Hardware

Tasman™ Mk3, Tasman™ MK2, Tasman™ Escape, Safety Lock, Screen Door Latch, Screen Door Closer and Screen Door Hinges.

Knob & Lever

Ball Series Knob Furniture, Bell Series Knob Furniture, Bow Series Lever Furniture and Bevel Series Lever Furniture.

Sliding Door Hardware

Blaxland™, Lawson™, Oxley™ and Mawson® Sliding Patio Door Lock, Accessories – Strikes, Outer Pulls, Packers and Cylinders.

Sliding Security Screen Door Hardware

Leichhardt, Cylinder – Euro Profile Lazy Camk, Bass and Sliding Screen Door Rollers.

Whitco Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Specification sheet for Whitco Double Cylinder Deadbolt.

Whitco Internal Door Furniture

Passage/Privacy/Wardrobe Knob, Wardrobe Rose and Latches.

Whitco Rimlock Deadlatch

Double Cylinder Deadlatch with safety release, Metal Frame Strike Kit, Packer Plate and Zinc diecast.

Window Accessories

Whitmatic®, Whitspur®, Whitpull®, Sash Lift and Hook Hinges.

Window Balance System

Spring and Spiral Sash Balances.

Window Locks

CYL4® Push Lock, Mini Push Lock, Multi Bolt, Patio Bolt, Window Bolt and Mini Window Bolt. Keyed Sash Lock, Safety Sash Lock, Sliding Window Lock and Series 25 Window Lock.

Window Stays

Standard Narrow Window Stays.

Window Winders

CYL4® Lockable, 5 Disc Lockable, Non-locking Chainwinder, Roto Operator Window Winders and Accessories.