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Briton Panic Bolt w/ Door Selector, Lever & Cylinder Lock Pack


  • 1 x Briton Double Door Vertical Panic Bolt (B377E/SE)
  • 1 x Briton Outside Trim Lever (1413/LE)
  • 1 x Briton Scope Sequence Selector (DCSS305SS)

Briton Double Door Vertical Panic Bolt

Panic Bolt allows for both doors to be locked closed and permits emergency exit from both doors (e.g. where emergency or panic situation could occur).

Panic Bolt Function - a safety device for critical emergency. These are designed specially for doors that may be used in the event of an emergency that would require a fast and unencumbered escape, such as a fire evacuation.


  • The 377E panic bolt is suitable for double door applications.
  • The 377E consists of 376E, 378E and 378DDS strike plate.
  • Dogging option is available for both 376 and 378 devices.
  • The 377E is field sizable to accommodate a range of door openings.
  • 376E is non handed - will suit both left and right hand doors.
  • 378E is handed but can be rehanded on site.


  • Door Type: Timber or Metal
  • Stile Width: 78mm minimum with 13mm rebates, 90mm minimum with 25mm rebates
  • Door Width: 665mm to 1300mm per leaf
  • Door Height: 2500mm standard. Extra long top shoot available for door heights up to 3350mm
  • Material: Zinc diecast chassis. Steel rods and crossbars
  • Finishes: Silver Enamel
  • Supplied as Trade pack with all fixing hardware

Briton Outside Trim Lever w/ Cylinder

Door Lever Function - Comes with a pre-cut hole for inserting a key and with the appropriate mechanism to lock or unlock the door.


  • Ergonomic design providing improved grip in wet conditions when locked, knob rotates freely.
  • Using a Briton 1413E outside locking device will provide access when the door is locked. When unlocked the door can also be operated from the outside by using the knob or lever.
  • The 1413E has been designed to suit all exit devices within the Briton 376E series.
  • The 1413E has been designed to accept 1/2 Euro cylinders for key access.
  • The 1413E is suitable for doors between 35mm and 70mm thick.
  • Fixings supplied are suitable for both timber and metal doorsets.
  • Please note: Not recommended for high use areas.


  • Door Type: Timber or Metal
  • Door Thickness: 40mm-100mm
  • Material: Zinc diecast chassis and lever
  • Finish: Silver Enamel
  • Supplied as Trade pack with all fixing hardware

Scope Sequence Selector

Scope Door Selectors are designed for use on pairs of doors where the inactive leaf is required to close before the active leaf. The Door Selector is suitable for double rebated doors and fire doors. Door co-ordination is a basic requirement for all self closing pairs of doors, that are rebated or have astragals.

The Scope Door Selector is a medium duty commercial product for use in projects with double doors e.g. electrical cupboards, duct doors, plant rooms etc.


  • Brand: Briton
  • Surface mounted.
  • Non handed.
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel.
  • Model to suit of doors fitted with exit hardware.
  • Fit in conjunction with LCN or Briton Door Closers.


  • Body Length: 75mm
  • Body Width: 32mm
  • Body Depth: 19mm
  • Arm Length: 305mm

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