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Remsafe Window Restrictor Safety Device

Under recent legislative changes, all owners corporations in NSW must install window safety devices on all applicable windows before 13 March 2018.

If you purchase more than 1 lock, all locks will be supplied keyed alike.
ie. All locks work using the same key.


  • 1x Window restrictor

*Multi packs also available, please see our store


  • Brand: Remsafe
  • The Remsafe window restrictor has been designed to reduce the risk of falls and accidents associated with unrestricted windows.
  • The Remsafe window restrictor can be installed on all window types and materials. The sleek design will increase the security and safety of your premises without compromising the overall appearance of your window. Once installed, the Remsafe restrictor enables the window to be opened and closed to the restricted distance without the use of a key each and every time. Unlike conventional window locks, this unique design feature eliminates the risk of a window being inadvertently unlocked and unrestricted.


  • The Remsafe window restrictor has been tested to withstand a force of 2485 Newtons (253kg), 10 times greater than the minimum standard required by building codes and legislation.
  • Comprised of a stainless steel bullet head and tensile steel cable for extra strength and durability, the Remsafe is the most affordable and reliable window restrictor available.


  • The Remsafe window restrictor is Australian owned and designed. It has been designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials in our ISO9000 certified factory.

The sleek, modern design is stylish and discreet. It is ideal for home, office, hotels, aged care, education and commercial premises.

  • Building Code of Australia approved window safety device
  • Australian owned and designed
  • Fits to any window type and material
  • Strong stainless steel bullet head and high tensile steel cable
  • Sleek, visually appealing design
  • Key to lock, key to unlock
  • Keyed alike

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