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The TRADCO 5 Lever Mortice Lock with a backset of 46mm is a robust and secure locking mechanism designed for doors, typically used in residential and commercial settings. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  1. 5 Lever Mechanism: This lock employs a system of five levers, providing enhanced security by requiring the correct key to align all levers simultaneously to unlock the door.

  2. Mortice Type: Installed within the door, this type of lock is embedded (morticed) into a pocket or recess, ensuring a flush finish and added resistance against forced entry.

  3. Backset of 46mm: Refers to the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the keyhole. A 46mm backset is a standard measurement, fitting doors of varying thicknesses.

  4. Solid Construction: Built from durable materials like steel or brass, this lock offers longevity and strength, enhancing its resistance to tampering or drilling.

  5. Keyed Entry: Operated by a key from the exterior and typically by a knob or turn on the interior side, providing both security and ease of use.

  6. Compatibility: Designed to work with a range of door types and materials, offering versatility in installation.

  7. Security Standards: Likely meets or exceeds industry standards for security, offering peace of mind to homeowners or property managers.

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