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The TRADCO Gate Hinges, measuring 235x120mm, are robust and durable hardware components designed specifically for gate installations. These hinges are crafted with precision and quality materials to ensure reliable performance and longevity. The dimensions of 235x120mm indicate a substantial size, suitable for medium to large gates.

Key features of TRADCO Gate Hinges 235x120mm may include:

  1. Material: Constructed from high-quality materials, such as solid brass or stainless steel, these hinges are resistant to rust, corrosion, and other environmental factors. This ensures that they maintain their integrity over time, even in outdoor applications.

  2. Design: The hinges are designed for functionality and aesthetics. The 235x120mm size suggests a substantial build, capable of supporting the weight and size of a gate. The design may also incorporate features like smooth operation, allowing the gate to swing open and closed with ease.

  3. Finish: TRADCO gate hinges often come in a variety of finishes to complement different architectural styles and preferences. Common finishes may include polished brass, antique brass, chrome, or matte black, providing both visual appeal and protection against the elements.

  4. Installation: These hinges are likely designed for straightforward installation, with pre-drilled holes or other features that simplify the mounting process. Clear installation instructions may be provided to assist both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  5. Load Capacity: The dimensions of 235x120mm suggest that these hinges are designed to handle gates of a certain weight and size. It's essential to consider the load capacity to ensure that the hinges can effectively support the specific gate they are intended for.

  6. Versatility: TRADCO Gate Hinges 235x120mm may be suitable for various gate types, including garden gates, driveway gates, or other outdoor applications. The design and construction aim to provide versatility in usage.

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