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A "Hard Sprung Split Cam Tube Latch 60mm" is a type of door latch designed for securing doors in various residential and commercial settings. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Hard Sprung Mechanism:

    • The term "hard sprung" indicates that the latch has a robust and sturdy spring mechanism. This feature ensures that the latch operates with sufficient force, providing a reliable and durable solution for securing doors.
  2. Split Cam Design:

    • The "split cam" design refers to the mechanism that engages with the strike plate on the door frame. This design often enhances security by offering multiple points of contact, making it more difficult for unauthorized access.
  3. Tube Latch Configuration:

    • The term "tube latch" suggests that the latch is shaped like a tube, commonly cylindrical in form. Tube latches are popular for their ease of installation and versatile applications in different door types.
  4. 60mm Size:

    • The latch is specifically designed to fit doors with a thickness or setback of 60mm. It's important to ensure compatibility with the door specifications before installation.

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