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The TRADCO Long Throw Teardrop Casement Fastener is a specialized locking mechanism designed for casement windows, distinguished by its extended or "long throw" design.

This teardrop-shaped fastener features an elongated handle or lever compared to standard teardrop fasteners. The "long throw" design allows for a more extended reach when securing the window, often accommodating windows with thicker frames or requiring a deeper reach to lock securely.

Crafted from durable materials like brass or iron, this fastener provides both functionality and durability. Its teardrop shape is not only visually appealing but also serves as a secure locking mechanism when engaged, ensuring a firm closure of the window.

The extended reach of the TRADCO Long Throw Teardrop Casement Fastener makes it suitable for specific window configurations where standard fasteners might not sufficiently reach or secure the window frame.

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