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Tradco Numerals are a series of door numerals designed for a classic and elegant aesthetic. The TRADCO NUMERALS 3 in Polished Brass is a sophisticated addition to any home or commercial space. Crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to quality, this door numeral combines timeless design with a lustrous finish.

The numeral "3" is intricately formed, featuring a polished brass construction that exudes a warm and inviting glow. The polished brass finish not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures durability, making it resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship make it suitable for both interior and exterior doors, providing a lasting and tasteful solution for your address or room numbering needs.

The polished brass surface reflects light beautifully, enhancing the overall appeal of the numeral and contributing to a sense of refinement. Whether used in residential or commercial settings, the TRADCO NUMERALS 3 in Polished Brass serves as a subtle yet impactful detail that complements various architectural styles.

Easy to install and maintain, this numeral is not just a functional element but also a statement piece that elevates the overall design of your space. With TRADCO's commitment to timeless elegance and enduring quality, this Polished Brass numeral ensures that your door is not only properly numbered but also adorned with a touch of enduring sophistication.

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