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Pressed escutcheons are typically decorative plates that surround a keyhole or a door handle, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They are commonly used in the realm of door hardware and are often crafted from various materials, including metal. The term "pressed" suggests a manufacturing process where the escutcheon is formed by applying pressure to a material, shaping it into the desired design.

As for the brand "TRADCO," it is possible that they are a company specializing in architectural hardware, including door hardware, locks, and related accessories. Their products may be known for a combination of functionality and design.

To get accurate and up-to-date information about TRADCO PRESSED ESCUTCHEONS, I recommend checking the official website of TRADCO or contacting the manufacturer or authorized dealers directly. They should be able to provide specific details about the materials used, design options, and any unique features that set their pressed escutcheons apart from others in the market.

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