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The TRADCO Tower Bolt 118x32mm is a versatile and durable locking mechanism designed to provide additional security for doors, gates, cabinets, or windows. Crafted with precision, this tower bolt boasts a size of 118x32mm, offering a substantial surface area for reliable locking.

Its sturdy construction ensures robustness, allowing it to withstand frequent use without compromising on functionality. The tower bolt's design includes a slide-action mechanism that securely fastens doors or gates in place when engaged. Its sleek and minimalist appearance makes it suitable for various applications while blending seamlessly with different architectural styles.

Ideal for both interior and exterior use, the TRADCO Tower Bolt is a dependable choice for enhancing security and privacy. Its ease of installation and reliable performance make it a practical addition to any space where an extra layer of locking is desired.


  • Width: 32mm
  • Length: 118mm
  • Throw: 26mm
  • Screws: Included

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