Zanda Euro Profile Cylinder Keyed

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Zanda Euro Profile Cylinder Keyed is a reliable and secure lock cylinder. It is designed to use in residential and commercial settings. It features a 6-pin standard C4 profile that provides to enhanced security and peace of mind. This euro profile cylinder keyed is constructed from high-quality extruded brass that ensures durability and longevity. Additionally, this cylinder comes to equipped with quality stainless steel grub screws for quick and easy re-keying. 

Zanda Euro Double Cylinder

Euro Cylinder Locks is so simple to install, modify with additional security measures, or replace, is the lock profile that locksmiths and architectural ironmongers use the most frequently. It can be found in both residential and commercial properties, providing protection and security for a variety of premises and facilities.

Euro Cylinder Locks Function - is used primarily as a locking medium to operate a lock case..


  • 6pin, Standard C4 Profile
  • Quality stainless steel grub screws for quick and easy re-keying
  • Constructed from high quality extruded brass


  • Brand: Zanda Architectural Hardware
  • Keying: Keyed Alilke
  • Available Function
    • Euro Single Cylinder (Key/Turn) 70mm 
    • Euro Double Cylinder (Key/Key) 70mm
  • Finish: Satin Chrome

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