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The KETHY HT177 CABINET HAMPTON KNOB 35MM is a high-quality cabinet knob crafted with attention to detail and durability. Its design, influenced by the Hampton style, brings a touch of classic elegance to your cabinets. The knob is designed to have a diameter of 35mm, providing a comfortable grip for effortless cabinet access.

Constructed from premium materials, this cabinet knob ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear. The finish (which may vary) adds a sophisticated touch, complementing various cabinet styles and color schemes. The 35mm size makes it suitable for standard cabinet door and drawer dimensions.

Installation is likely to be straightforward, with the necessary hardware included for easy attachment to your cabinets. Whether you are updating existing cabinets or working on a new project, the KETHY HT177 CABINET HAMPTON KNOB 35MM is designed to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your space.

For specific details about the KETHY HT177 CABINET HAMPTON KNOB 35MM, such as available finishes or materials used, I recommend checking the product information provided by the manufacturer or contacting the retailer directly.

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