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The TRADCO Casement Stay Base Fix Large, measuring 300mm in length, is a specialized component designed for casement windows.

This fixture serves as a base or support for a casement window stay, which is the arm responsible for holding the window open at a particular angle. The 300mm measurement refers to the length of this base fix, indicating its size or extension from the window frame.

Constructed from durable materials such as brass or iron, this base fix is engineered for stability and resilience. When installed onto the window frame, it offers a secure anchoring point for the casement window stay. This ensures that the window can be held open at various positions while maintaining stability and providing adequate support.

The TRADCO Casement Stay Base Fix Large with a length of 300mm provides both functionality and reliability, supporting the casement window stay to hold the window open securely at the desired angle, especially for windows requiring a longer reach or extension from the frame.

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