Tradco Switch Toggle 3 Gang 30x82mm

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Tradco Switch Toggle 3 Gang 30x82mm

The TRADCO Switch Toggle for a 3-gang setup, sized at 30x82mm, is a component used in electrical switches to control multiple lighting or other fixtures within a building.

Specifically designed for a 3-gang switch plate, this switch toggle accommodates three switches within a single unit. The measurements, 30x82mm, indicate the size of the toggle, with 30mm representing the width and 82mm representing the height or length of the switch component.

Crafted from durable materials like plastic, metal, or other high-quality components, the switch toggle forms a crucial part of a multi-switch assembly. It usually features a toggle-style design that can be flipped up or down to activate or deactivate the connected electrical fixtures.

The TRADCO Switch Toggle tailored for a 3-gang switch plate ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing a practical and user-friendly method to control multiple lighting or electrical devices from a triple switch point.

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