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The TRADCO Tower Bolt 200x55mm is a heavy-duty and versatile locking mechanism designed to provide added security to doors, gates, or windows. With its sturdy construction and sizable dimensions of 200x55mm, this tower bolt offers a substantial surface area for secure fastening, ensuring a robust hold.

Crafted with attention to detail, it features a classic design that adds a touch of elegance to its functionality. The tower bolt operates smoothly, allowing for easy engagement and disengagement with a simple slide mechanism. Its durable materials and solid build make it suitable for both interior and exterior use, effectively enhancing security while maintaining a stylish look.

Ideal for various applications in residential or commercial settings, the TRADCO Tower Bolt 200x55mm provides reliable and long-lasting security, contributing to the peace of mind for property owners seeking dependable locking solutions.


  • Length: 200mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Finish: Matt Black
  • Material: Iron
  • Screws: Included

Note: Iron will rust when exposed to air or moisture. By applying oil, grease, or paint will prevent it from rusting.

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